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New York Bloom Bundle

New York Bloom Bundle

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Caramel, Berries, Nutty

Can't get enough? Get three 12 oz bags and save!

Looking for a go-to coffee to start your day? Well, you found the one! This medium-dark roast features notes of caramel, berries and nutty.

Drink it hot or cold, pair it with milk and sugar, or drink it black, you’ll get a smooth cup every time. Brew it using your favorite brewing method and enjoy.

Roast: Medium 
Producer: 6 cooperatives of small farmers
Origin: Copan, Honduras


Copan is a department located in the western part of Honduras. The sandy, loamy and clay soils of this mountainous region, coupled with the cool weather and high altitudes, create the ideal conditions to grow high-quality coffee. Copan is also one of the most significant Mayan sites in Mesoamerica and was named an Archeological World Heritage Site in 1980 by UNESCO.

This coffee is cultivated by smallholder farmers using traditional methods passed down through generations in the municipalities of Trinidad Copan, Concepcion, Santa Rosa, Veracruz and San Agustin. Specifically, this crop is a collection from 6 cooperatives comprising 116 smallholder farmers (23% of whom are women).

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Customer Reviews

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Sebastien Charles

Smooth, flavorful and nutty coffee plus amazing customer service. Been my daily coffee for a while now and I can't recommend it enough.

This coffee was recommended by a friend and it absolutely does not disappoint. Tastes amazing and very smooth. Will be buying more!

- Michael -