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Hidden Starlight

Hidden Starlight

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Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Citrus 

Smooth, comforting and incredibly delicious. We named this coffee after our history with it as it was almost part of our inaugural roster. Fast forward to present time, and like a Hidden Starlight, it found us again reminding us why we loved it so much.

With a versatility and drinkability that will make every sip a pleasure - it embodies everything we want out of an Orgullo Coffee. 

Roast: Medium
Producer: Exportadora de Café San Vicente
Origin: Santa Barbara, Honduras


Santa Barbara is a department located on the western part of Honduras. This coffee comes from the imposing Santa Barbara Mountain. The mountain is predominantly a reserve of virgin forest declared a national park in 1987. Farms are located on the mountain at an altitude range of 1,000 to 1,650 meters above sea level.

These farms belong to a group of independent producers. About 70% are small producers with production areas of 4.4 hectares on average. These producers are dedicated to upholding their coffee-producing traditions, instilled by their parents and grandparents. Most of them are 3rd or even 4th generation coffee producers. 

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Customer Reviews

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Evelina Mojica
Hidden Starlight Review

I like it very much! It has the aroma of fresh coffee and tastes real good for me, served as Black Coffee alone. My husband put cream and sugar, he likes it too.

This coffee was recommended by a friend and it absolutely does not disappoint. Tastes amazing and very smooth. Will be buying more!

- Michael -